Top 25 Richest American Families of 2019

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America is the place that is known for the free and the home of the billionaires. In spite of the fact that the nation is brimming with young entrepreneurs, quite a bit of U.S. riches originates from “old money,” which means it originates from families that have been rich for ages.

Some of the time they simply like to avoid the spotlight. Different occasions they need to skim over some past controversy. Yet, depend on it: their huge riches makes them some of the nation’s most influential families in American history.

The Wynn Family

Net Worth : $3.4B Family Business: Wynn Resorts Industry: Hospitality Prominent Member: Steve Wynn

Barely any families have shot to fortune – or smashed from it – so breathtakingly as the Wynns. The patriarch, Steve Wynn, turned into a very rich person in Las Vegas. He is credited with constructing a portion of the Strip’s most renowned hotels and gambling clubs, including the Bellagio and The Mirage.

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