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SafeMoon is about 8 days old at the time of this writing and we have already hit some major landmarks.

  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • BSC.News profile up
  • 1400+ holders
  • 80x since launch
  • Over 347T $SAFEMOON taken out of circulation forever

Still a lot more to come, but we are excited about the support by the community and wanted to highlight some of the important announcements that will be coming.

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…. ha puns… get it?

The next phase of our blast off adventures will be exploring some partnership options with some of the pool farms hosted on the BSC chain. No names yet … but we are actively in discussions with some of the reps with some promising venues. The farming will allow users to stake their $SAFEMOON LP and get rewarded with tokens. Other options could include partnership with other AMM’s that offer our tokens paid out in rewards from staking. Both would increase our exposure in the markets and we would see increased popularity with these ventures.

Announcements about these partnerships will be solidified shortly, in the meantime we have some other quick goals to recap;

Listings & Promotions

Coming by popular demand will be some options purposed and voted on by our great community. The voting portal will be pretty simple, we will list a few BNB / ETH addresses onto our website with the corresponding topics for vote. Some of the community has already spoken and we will be featuring some of these requests as the main choices for you to donate towards. Users can find the addresses listed on our websites with the corresponding choices and will be able to donate toward the cause of their choice. We will update the balances regularly and announce the community choices after the target has been reached. Coming up we will be tossing it up between a few different choices listed below:


  • WhiteBit
  • BKEX
  • CoinTiger


  • WoR
  • Certik
  • Hacken
  • UsefulShine


  • AltCoinTalks.com
  • Satoshi Club
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Off to a great start, so let’s keep going.

Right now, the focus is strengthening our PR. This includes adding logo to PancakeSwap, setting up partnerships, and adding to the team. Some users have requested that we change our domain name to reflect a better, more common domain such as .com .io .finance etc. If this project has given you the moon tingles and you want to help us please send your proposal and experience/skills to marketing@safemoon.xyz

For now those who are with us can keep spreading the word and join us as we break out of orbit with escape velocity momentum.


Q1 2021
Fair Launch
Website Design
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Listing On
NFT Marketplace
NFT Staking

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