REDi infranet

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Renewable Energy
Data Marketplace

supported by
S.Korea top commercial banks

A decentralized marketplace for the exchange of data between different industry players – producers, consumers, and industry experts – with the aim to improve and optimize the efficiency and productivity of renewable energy. Industry players can submit various energy data to the REDi infranet, which is then verified by industry experts for its reliability. The consolidated data will then be stored on the blockchain, allowing secure access by all infranet users.

Rediscover the power of data.

WEBSITE: www.redi.io
WHITE PAPER: https://redi.io/whitepaper
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/redi_infranet
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/redi.infranet
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/redi-infranet
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/redi_en

Strategic PARTNERS

1) Hardware Development for Data Collection: Tide Korea
With over 1 million AMI devices installed in domestic households and 5 global projects operating,
Tide Korea will help develop the early stages of the REDi ecosystem.

2) Device Development and Data Analysis: Cyclogic
Cyclogic has various experience in IoT cloud service and energy efficiency system from working with Samsung Electronics,
Carrier, and other industry leaders. Cyclogic will add an abundance of expertise in data analysis and device development at early stages of the ecosystem.

3) Verifier: SEI & Phyron
 SEI and Phyron will offer expertise in solar energy consulting and O&M services.

Supporting Partners

HYUNDAI CORP. : http://www.hyundaicorp.com/en/
Hanwha invest and Security : https://www.hanwhawm.com/main/english/main/index.cmd
KEPS : http://www.keps.kr/
SMARTENERGYISLAND : https://smartenergyisland.com/
PHYRON : http://phyron.co.kr/en/
EVERON : https://www.everon.co.kr/
ENERGYVISION : http://www.energyvision.co.kr/
I-AEROTECH : http://www.i-aerotech.co.kr/
XNTREE : http://xntree.com/
SE.WORKS : https://se.works/

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