No crypto can compete with Bitcoin, claims former Coinbase CTO

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The previous Coinbase CTO and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Balaji Srinivasan, shared his insights of knowledge into the eventual future of blockchain innovation. “Decentralization of everything is inevitable,” he said.

Srinivasan proceeded to state that technologies like – GPS, online maps, and video spilling are something that have turned out to be normal and are turning into a standard piece of everybody’s life. Srinivasan likewise expressed that decentralization is something that has constantly struck his mind, at whatever point he comes across thoughts of what could upset tech products.

As indicated by his tweet, he trusts that test based applications will be the initial ones to be disturbed. Something that is based on an “partially ” based blockchain variant is anything but difficult to disturb. He refered to Twitter for instance, as opposed to something like YouTube or Snapchat which is of a higher-transfer speed.

“I don’t think any crypto can compete with Bitcoin. I do think that public blockchains can help break the power of the new internet monopolies via peaceful, market-based, and above all effective means.”

After Brad Mills of “Magic Internet Money” Podcast approached him for his view on would could it be that can at last disturb centralization, he stated,

Srinivasan likewise reacted to the inquiry, “Why would people need decentralization when centralization is always cheaper. He answered, “Public blockchain provides financial incentives for decentralization that compensate for the increased technical complexity.”

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