Man whose hire car was allegedly stolen lured to Gold Coast high-rise

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Police charged Joel Hindson, 25, Leum Kostopolous and Bronson Samuel Godfrey, both 29, with several offences including ‘deprivation of liberty, committing acts intending to maim, robbery with violence, extortion and unlawful use of a motor vehicle’.

‘Three men, and a woman associated with the offenders, then rode the elevator to ground floor where the 27-year-old fled on foot and the three others allegedly fled in the stolen Mercedes,’ court documents read.

Personal injury attorney Alex Hilliard said during a press conference that the organizers of the event did not have a plan in place, and the moment the gates at NRG Park opened at 9am on November 5, ‘things were out of control.’ 


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Nearly 40,000 people descended on the Belgian capital of Brussels before the protest turned into a riot that left four people injured, including one demonstrator who was hurt after a firework exploded in his hand

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has placed the blame on Scott for not canceling the performance after his officers were caught on video milling about next to the stage and recording the rapper on their cellphones after a ‘mass casualty event’ was declared. 

Another lawyer representing a further 150 alleged victims released fire department logs on Friday, which showed that a lieutenant requested riot gear nearly an hour before the festival got under way.   

‘It will be alleged that around midday today, two other men – one of whom was known to the 27-year-old – lured him to a high-rise unit on Lawson Street to negotiate payment for the return of the vehicle,’ a Queensland police statement read.


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Riot police uses a water canon against protesters during a demonstration against the reinforced measures of the Belgium government to counter the latest spike of the coronavirus in Brussels, Belgium, on Sunday

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Audio recordings of police communications from the night of the Astroworld Festival disaster reveal that officers on the scene called for the concert to stop because people were being trampled in the crowd, but Travis Scott carried on with his performance.

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A total of 42 people were detained and two were arrested in the riots. Meanwhile, three police officers were injured and taken to hospital and one protester was hurt after a firework exploded in his hand. 

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