John McAfee Defends Bitcoin From Donald Trump in Ironic Tirade

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s viral tweet denouncing bitcoin and cryptographic money when all is said in done, John McAfee has come hurrying to its guide.

In a series of tweets, the crypto evangelist has mocked the U.S. president’s remarks regarding the utilization of computerized money to encourage crime.

Irony in McAfee’s Bitcoin Defense

While McAfee is making valid points here, there is a huge glaring issue at hand. To be specific, that the cybersecurity master is very open about flaunting U.S. law, as he right now professes to be on the kept running from the IRS. McAfee likewise confesses to buying drugs and has requested other unlawful services through the medium of bitcoin and digital money.

If Donald Trump and John McAfee are consistently remaining opposite each other in a political debate , this irony would be the absolute first argument that Trump would make.

Digital money Has an Image Problem

Numerous in the digital money community have since quite a while ago battled with John McAfee’s propensity for discussion. On the off chance that you are the Winklevoss twins searching for standard regulatory approval for your dearest bitcoin, JMac is an issue. It’s difficult to counter bitcoin’s recognition as a scam among the old guard when one of the most conspicuous figures is living in a state of banishment in Cuba.

Bananas and Soy Milk

John McAfee’s reaction to this contention is effectively noticeable from his video. Technological advancement will continually carry advantages to everybody, even the individuals who might utilize them illegally. On the off chance that bitcoin is stifled , at that point McAfee would contend that only law-abiding citizens would be hurt. He may break the law, however he would do it with bananas and soy milk if he needed to.

Donald Trump Defies His Political Agenda On Bitcoin

Donald Trump’s attack into digital currency was continually going to get a ton of consideration. From a political standpoint , it appears to be in opposition to his de-regulation “Reagan” motivation to propose draconian endorses on Bitcoin are required. McAfee obviously observes a chance to earn some political help from previous pro-Trumpers, who won’t appreciate seeing the President stamp on their darling crypto.

John McAfee Defends Crypto No Matter The Optics

The fact of the matter is regularly second to the optics in governmental issues. Regardless of the veracity of the comments, we have an admitted crook, supporting Bitcoin ought not be managed in light of the fact that it’s occasionally utilized for unlawful behavior . That is a tough sell, yet if anybody is going to attempt, it’s most likely John McAfee.

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