Forbes releases top 50 blockchain companies list

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Forbes releases top 50 blockchain companies list

Forbes has discharged another best 50 blockchain companies utilizing blockchain technology list and these are practically all easily recognized names of the world’s biggest companies. Actually, they are every one of the billion dollar in addition to companies , for example, Amazon, Citi Group, Foxconn, Comcast and an entire host of others and obviously the bulk majority’s of these organizations are utilizing Ethereum.

Albeit, outside of Ethereum which is, obviously, the number 1 blockchain for these companies, we do see others like Hyperledger and Quorum for instance, albeit much rarer on the list in terms of mentions are blockchains , for example, Stellar Lumens or Cardano. Blockchains, for example, TRON, EOS, NEM, and others are not referenced in the rundown of top 50 companies.

Companies picking Ethereum according to Forbes:

Enormous companies truly like what Ethereum is doing. Ethereum has additionally very hard to make these connections to occur in the course of the most recent couple of years and those connections are presently paying dividends big time.

All the best 10 companies are situated in China or the United States.

The Top 10 (Forbes List):

  1. Ping An Insurance Company: China
  2. Bank of China: China
  3. Apple: United States
  4. Wells Fargo and Company: United States
  5. Bank of America: United States
  6. Agricultural Bank of China: China
  7. Berkshire Hathaway Inc: United States
  8. JPMorgan Chase and Co: United States
  9. China Construction Bank Corporation: China
  10. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: China

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