ETH Struggles to Stay Above $200, XRP Faces New Lows

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The crypto market still is by all accounts in the clutches of bears as Bitcoin and driving altcoins like XRP and ETH are as yet continuing to trade downwards. In the most recent week, both the altcoins are seeing very turbulent costs where ETH has exchanged much beneath its major support levels, for example, $300 and $250. Indeed today, the coin is notwithstanding moving toward lows underneath $200.

Recently, XRP offered some positive hints when it kept up strength above $0.31 for a long time. Although later, the value saw a major drop and now the coin is battling for recovery.

Current Statistics:

XRP/ETH Price Chart

Ripple/Ethereum Price Chart

Recently, XRP was trying to start a value recuperation as the coin had kept up its cost above $0.31 for a long time and afterward dropped pointedly breaking real support levels close $0.30 and even $0.29. Here, it contacted the 3-month low cost close $0.2842 manifesting a decay of 8.46%. The coin at that point remedied up to $0.3103 yet couldn’t gain further and pulled back around $0.29.

In the mean time, Ethereum likewise observed a value dive beneath $220, it even went underneath $200 and discovered help at $192.35. ETH has not yet struck a value rebound as the coin went underneath $200 a couple of more occasions and now the coin is attempting to remain above $200. Over the most recent 24 hours, ETH has showed a decay of 11.92%.


In the event that XRP figures out how to trade above $0.31, it might see quick resistance at $0.3142 and $0.3317, while a drop can take it to the support levels of $0.2852 and $0.2737. Additionally, ETH may see further resistance at $223.34 and $247.49 and support levels at $186.21 and $173.23.

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