Dogelon Mars Now Landing On Planet Matic


The Elon Community is growing. It has been 59 days since we first boarded the rocketship and set a course for Mars. We have over 64,000 holders on this journey with us, and in order to communicate with everyone, we have decided to start this community-run Medium page.

Tune in regularly for announcements, updates, and developments from the Community.

Dogelon Mars was started as a meme coin with a mission: To launch an NFT comic series about the adventures of Dogelon Mars. And to rescue those who have been rugged and rekt with airdrops of $Elon.

Thanks to Vitalk Buterin, our paths aligned with the Methueslon Foundation. And now not only are we helping to make humanity an interplanetary species, but we are dedicated to increasing the healthy life span of each and every person along the way.

Today, we have a special announcement to share:

Dogelon Mars is officially an inter-chain species!

$ELON has landed on Matic. You can bridge, swap, and pool for rewards.

The contract address on Matic Network for $Elon is: 0xe0339c80ffde91f3e20494df88d4206d86024cdf

Here’s a guide on how to move funds to Matic if you haven’t experienced this incredible, fast, and cheap L2 yet.

Transaction fees are incredibly low on Matic, just a fraction of a cent. All transactions are paid in Matic, so if you’ve never used the Matic network yet, you’ll want to bring over Matic.

Note that you can purchase Matic on Coinbase, Binance, Uniswap, and almost any major exchange.

You will want to have:

A. An Ethereum wallet such as Metamask
B. Enough ETH in the wallet to cover transaction fees
C. Matic in the wallet

the Group :

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet


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