Chris Pine sports grey hoodie for coffee run in LA with his Pit Bull

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Bindi Irwin showcases her post-baby body in a plunging… Bindi Irwin reveals the surprising connection between her… Uncle Bob! Robert Irwin, 17, dotes over baby niece Grace… Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell celebrate daughter Grace…

 Keep your workout mat fresh and fragrant with the Yoga Mat Cleaning Pschitt! (from £12.75, It contains enzymes that break down stains, body oil and sweat. The fresh minty eucalyptus fragrance is also a winner for spritzing stinky sh

They make a good team: The Contractor reunited Chris with his Hell or High Water onscreen brother Ben Foster (L) now playing his best friend with whom he joins a private contracting paramilitary organization overseas

In this aerial photo, a Canadian Pacific locomotive and its cars are knocked that were knocked off of the train track by heavy rains and mudslides earlier in the week is pictured in the Fraser Canyon near Hope, British Columbia

Now hitting US/UK theaters March 18! Last week, Deadline reported that Tarik Saleh’s action film Violence of Action – starring the third-generation Hollywood actor as discharged soldier James Harper – was renamed The Contractor

Eton-educated ceramicist Sam comes from an arty family himself: his mother, the Queen’s niece Lady Sarah, often submits her artworks for the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition, and his father is the actor-turned-artist Daniel Chatto.

r spirits… Try some me time: Emilia Herting suggests setting time aside every morning for things such as meditating, journaling, yoga or breath-work to name a few. ‘This will make you the creator of your day and stop the feeling that the world, with all its negative events, rules how you

ing website The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (Sada) says persistent low mood, lack of interest in daily activities and feelings of guilt, despair and worthlessness can be signs of SAD. Other symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, overeating, low libido and g

He wrote the only authorised biography of The Beatles and made footballer Wayne Rooney sound eloquent when he ghosted his memoirs, but Hunter Davies is discerning about which members of the Royal Family could be his subjects. 

It comes after her friend Lucy Prebble — who wrote the Sky series, I Hate Suzie, in which Piper starred — claimed that women were struggling to attract ‘bankable male stars’ to their projects for the same reason.


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Instagram peopleandpetsbtf Super handsome guys adopt dogs too!

STXfilms Pushes Back Dates For Judi Slot Online Gampang Menang ‘National Champions’ And ‘Violence Of Action’ – Deadline

It can be a challenge for anyone to stay chipper when it’s dark by 5pm, the cold wind is biting and the sun has failed to break through the cloud all day. However, for around two million people in the UK winter is a time when they just can’t shake the gloom. If this is you, you may need help with the effects of seasonal affective

A woman walks a dog along a flooded baseball diamond in Abbotsford, Canada, November 18. Incessant rainfall in the British Columbia brought floods to Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley that resulted in the provincial premier declaring a state of emergency

Charles Spencer, 57, has an ambitious wish-list for actors to appear in screen adaptations of his books; he’s previously said he would like Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Rosamund Pike to take star roles.

,’ she says. If you take one supplement… make it vitamin D: ‘I recommend getting your minerals and vitamins from foods,’ says Emilia. ‘The exception is vitamin D, which we obtain mainly through sunlight on our skin. From early October to early April, a daily supplement containing 10mcg helps. If you are vegan, choose a supplement containing vitamin D2 as D3 can be derived from

Married life is off to a bumpy start for lingerie model Sophie Anderton. I hear her new husband, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, has had a serious accident after coming off his bike during the Rally Raid Ireland race in Bosnia — breaking a leg and an ankle.

And now, I can reveal, the TV star has decided to apply for Italian citizenship because he’s so angry about the way his beloved late mother, Maria-Rosa Gallina, was treated by the British authorities after she emigrated here from the Veneto region of Italy after World War II.

cola Moore ( Get that mood moving: Exercise is incredibly important in maintaining strength, mobility and our immune system. It also increases dopamine levels, the neurotransmitter that helps to stabilise mood. Emilia suggests creating a daily exercise routine based around when it’s light outside. ‘A vigorous 20-minute walk in the sunlight can make all the differ

lag effect  According to Sada, light therapy helps in 85 per cent of diagnosed cases. This means exposure for up to four hours a day to a SAD lamp – a very bright light that works by mimicking the daylight we lack. The strength of the light is key – it needs to be a minimum of 2,500 lux (average domestic lighting is 200-500 lux while a bright summer day can be 100,000 lux). The Beurer TL 30 Ultra Portable Daylight SAD

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